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Our History

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The Alamo circa 1876 and our founder Major James Harvey Ralston

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Freemasons who helped shape Texas into the Lone Star State

Alamo Lodge #44 is the first and oldest Masonic Lodge in the City of San Antonio (Bexar County) and has a rich and unique history due to having been founded in the historic Alamo, the Shrine of Texas Liberty. The lodge was granted a charter from the Grand Lodge of Texas on January 15, 1848, and is now honored by a plaque on the south wall of the Alamo’s Long Barrack.

In the 1840s, troops returning from the Mexican War leased the Alamo to be used by the Quartermaster Corps for storing and shipping army supplies. The quartermaster was Major James Harvey Ralston, who had served in both houses of the Illinois legislature with both Lincoln and Douglas. Ralston was a mason as were many of the army officers and some local citizens. Those masons, with Major Ralston as the prime organizer, formed Alamo Masonic Lodge. The lodge room was on the second floor of the Nun’s quarters also referred to as the long barracks.

The Quartermaster Corp put the first roof on the Alamo Chapel and contracted with John H. Kampmann, a German immigrant, and builder, to rebuild the upper portion of the Alamo façade, which had been toppled by General Cos when he fortified the Alamo before being run out of town by Benjamin Milam, a brother mason, and his 300 volunteers in 1835. John H. Kampmann later became a member of Alamo Lodge and he and his wife are buried in the Alamo Lodge cemetery.


In 1899 Clara Driscoll began her drive to save the Alamo and its grounds from being sold to a hotel company. Ms. Driscoll and the other members of the Daughters of the Republic of Texas raised some of the money needed to save the Alamo, the rest of which Ms. Driscoll provided from her own funds and by signing promissory notes. A portrait of Clara Driscoll hangs in the Senate Chambers of the capitol in Austin along with that of Sam Houston. Her portrait is titled “Savior of the Alamo”. Clara Driscoll is buried in the Alamo Lodge cemetery in San Antonio.


Two past masters of Alamo Lodge #44 have served as Grand Masters of Texas: James H. McLeary (1881), and A. W. Houston (1914).


Masons at the Alamo included James B. Bonham, James Bowie, David Crockett, Almeron Dickinson, and William B. Travis.


Masons continued to play a significant leadership role in the Republic of Texas. According to The New Handbook of Texas: “Although constituting only about 1% of the population [of Texas], Masons filled some 80% of the republic’s higher offices. All of the presidents, vice presidents, and secretaries of state were Masons.”

Present Day Alamo 44

Our current membership consists of men in all professions, creeds, and ages.
We strive to be inclusive and welcoming in all things.
We are very active in the community, adhear to a strict obdience to God, morarlity and our Craft, and only take good men to make better.

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Meet Our Officers


Kris Ardolino

Worshipful Master

As one of the most active members of Alamo Lodge no. 44, Kris has shown others that true leaders perform the hard work no matter their rank.


Miguel Rodriguez

Senior Warden

With tremendous work ethic and extensive experience, the brethren can always rely on Miguel's leadership and grit through any endeavor. 


Fabien Galindo

Junior Warden

As a prominent banker and highly skilled member, Fabien's outstanding leadership and ambition has driven the Lodge to even greater heights of achievement. 

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Brady Johnson


As a Past Master of Alamo Lodge no. 44 and professional banker, Brady is an excellent manager of the Lodge funds.


Ron Havens


The legendary Ron Havens has achieved all there is in Masonry. His role as advisor and secretary are flawlessly executed. His value to Alamo Lodge is truly inestimable.


Francisco Zarate


With wisdom and understanding, Francisco provides excellent council to the lodge. He is a model of upstanding character.


Gabriel Zachary

Senior Deacon

As one of the most active and involved members of Alamo Lodge, Gabriel's multifaceted skill set has made him an irreplaceable leader of the brethren. 


George Morales

Junior Deacon

Having served in the military, George understands the importance of excellence. He plays a crucial role in the function and direction of the Lodge.


Wood Johnson

Senior Steward

Brother Johnson's dedication to the fraternity has made him a celebrated mason. This strong support base paired with his high intellect has made him a favored future leader.


Brian Lile

Junior Steward

As a member who is always there for his masonic brethren, Brian understands the key to greatness is kindness and consistency. 


Garrett Fomby


Despite being a younger mason, Garrett has excelled in many positions within the Lodge. His contributions are always well-received.


John Pena

Master of Ceremonies

As an expert in the ritual, John has served the Lodge for many years with one of its most crucial tasks - the induction of new brother masons.


Terrell Mabrito


As a dedicated member of the Lodge and his community, Terrell continues the masonic family tradition of excellence. His popularity and social connections make him a highly valued mason.


Anthony Merritt


As a prominent commercial realtor and member, Anthony has been a primary driving force behind the many achievements of Alamo Lodge.


Think We May Be The Lodge For You?

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